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This site is set in the year 1955, forty years following the Death of Father. He was defeated by his own hubris, quite literally in fact. With his last moments, the Homunculus Pride thought he could get one over on dear old daddy. He tried to take command of his fathers body from the inside after being absorbed, the thousands of souls trapped within Father's body saw this moment to revolt while Father struggled against Pride. This led to his vessel being unable to bear the strain and he literally exploded. In his last moments, he released his Virtues and Sins in an attempt to balance himself out but it was much too late. Truth used these last moments of being closer to the earth than ever before to do two things. Firstly, he wiped Father from the minds of all of the Earths inhabitants. There would never be anyone trying to follow in his footsteps. Secondly, he sent all of Father's Virtues and Sins 35 years into the future, in hopes that they would be able to live normal lives in a world unlike the one they were 'born' into.

Though Father was defeated, he was wiped from the minds of anyone alive at the time, so when people in Central looked around they saw the Ishvallan Resistance fighters fighting against the military in what was assumed by the masses as the Ishvallan people trying to get revenge for the thousands of lives lost during the destruction of Ishval. This 'Resistance' was defeated by the military of Amestris, though it was followed by many years of rough relations between Amestrians and Ishvallans. Around twenty years following Father's defeat, this turmoil boiled into a mini-war. Known as the 'Ishvallan Conflict', the Amestrian Military took to conducting secretive alchemy rituals to attempt to grow stronger. The war ended in a peace treaty and Ishval rejoining Amestris. Though, to this day relations between the two races are at an all time high.

In other news, the decimated civilization of Xerxes was not wiped out as completely as initially thought, with many stragglers returning to their homeland over four centuries since its destruction. They had managed to escape, however few of them there may be, and fled east into Xing. But, with a renewed sense of national pride, they returned to rebuild their homeland. The initial city was officially completed and reopened in 1938, around the end of the 'Ishvallan Conflict'.

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